1Cup 1Life

How make 1Cup=1Life

  1. Make a wish to create a GaNS that will save lifes and help many people.
  2. Use only glass containers, plastic containers will yield a weaker result in terms of plasma fields (because of their C=H bond)
  3. Get a Zinc plate from a hardware store or recycle it from a used battery (only Carbone-zinc; no Alcaline!); hang it into a glass 2cm above the bottom and connect it to the plus of a used battery (1.5V, AA)
  4. Strip 2x 30cm of multi-strand copper wire and wind it around a pencil into a coil and hang it into the glass opposite the zinc plate and connect it also to the plus of the battery
  5. Fire-coat the other coil like shown on the video (follow the barcode), hang it in the midde and fix it with a tape on the minus of the battery
  6. Fill the glass with 15% salt in water
  7. Wait 1 week for the GaNS to build up
  8. Normally there are no amino acids, however when you find some, collect them and put them in a different container if you want to wash the GaNS. You can add them back after the washing process.
  9. Washing the GaNS when you want to drink the LP: pour the clear liquid into a separate container, refill the GaNS container, stir and let settle for 12 hours; do this procedure 6x

Don’t use demineralized or distilled water; using tap water ensures that you have already the field strengths of your locality – unless you plan to send it to people far away. It’s better to use a glass or ceramic container because plastic represents a weakness because of it’s C=H bonds. It’s very important.


The collection of all the major language links to the video of M. Keshe introducing the 1Cup=1Life has been created by Yohann; it can be found following this link.

More details on the 1C=1L

From the testimonial program

Amino Acids

The shape of the glass container is also important. It is preferable to create the 1C=L in a glass container with a relatively small opening, similar to the one in Mr. Keshe’s video, rather than in a container with a large surface area.

We know that a container with a large surface area will produce more amino acids and therefore more connections to the physical plane, whereas in a glass container with a smaller surface area, you will have fewer amino acids and more connections to the Soul.

If you find amino acids in your 1C=1L production, keep them in a separate container; make sure to add some of the GaNS to it to keep the original environment so the amino acids don’t loose their strength over time.

Nano coating

Nano coating with candle light? It is difficult to get the wire red hot; the black we see afterwards is probably soot.

Washing the GaNS

Why wash out Salt? You only need to wash the salt out if you want to use the GaNS water for drinking. The salt content is so high, that the unwashed liquid plasma would taste horrible.

Color of the GaNS

It does not matter if your GaNS does not have the same colour as the one shown on the video of M. Keshe – we will always have the Cu connection to our mammal tissue and we always have the “carbon magnet” created by the interaction between the Cu-np coil and the Zn plate; so we have all the links that are necessary for our 1C=1L to be efficient – even when we don’t see them.

Anyway we are right now in the point of teaching where we move away from the GaNS as a visible material support and direct our attention more in the direction of the transfer of energies.

How to recover a Zinc plate from an old battery

Use only the cheap carbon-zinc batteries;  alkaline batteries don’t contain zinc. The following video shows you how simple it is!