1Cup1Life Hookah

Make your 1Cup=1Life Hookah

Shared by Loea Wei on facebook

  1. Get an empty water bottle (500ml)
  2. Get a clear plastic tube Ø1/4” (7mm)
  3. With a solder iron make one hole in the side and another one in the lid
  4. Stick one piece of tube through the hole on the side so that the end is near the bottom of the bottle; the other end should be bend upwards. Fix the tube airtight to the bottle with hot glue. This is the air intake.
  5. Stick the other tube through the lid with end just below the lid inside the bottle. Fix it with hot glue. This is the mouthpiece.


Fill the bottle half full with LP-1C=1L diluted to 1% (2.5ml in 250ml) in water. Breath in through the mouth piece and breath out normally through the nose – it’s like smoking a hookah.