Anti-Cancer Pomade

Anti-cancer ointment

by Paul Yatoute Maguiman

The recipe

  1. melt butter and animal fat (which will make the connection with the human body)
  2. add lemon, corossol, okra and lemongrass
  3. cook for 10 minutes and inject 10ml of Eau-de-GaNS-CO2; the cooking time varies according to the fats used; the fat-free time is 5 minutes, then the time to melt the fat is added; with pork fat the total time rises to 20 minutes.


Massage into the affected area (also for accidents) with the ointment; for non-local diseases, the patient drinks the product in its Liquid Plasma form.

The ointment, or better still the PL, can also be applied to the coils of the Universal Health Unit and it could cure almost all known diseases.

The active components

The soursop also contains phosphorus (P) which affects the DNA and thus prevents cancer from recurrence; this qualifies it as a plant that can cure cancer.
By adding PL-CO2 we increase the strength of natural proteins: animal fat brings amino acids closer to humans. PL-CO2 increases the efficiency of GaNS already created by sodium (Na) from soursop and OH from lemon. Citronella (lemon grass) provides CH3, the energy.
Vitamins B3, 6 and B9 help to regenerate cells and qualify it more as a remedy against cancer
Ca and Zn stop the cancerous multiplication of brain cells; thus this ointment can also be applied to repair a stroke, repair brain cells.
Fe is necessary for the production of hemoglobin
Okra helps the body to recover, rebuild tissues quickly.
Fats contain a lot of omega 3 and 6, but -attention- only if the animals are raised in the wild; industrial farming stresses them and stops the production of omega.[:]

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