Food Naturalizer

Food Naturalizer

You need:

  • 1x outer bowl with cover
  • 1x inner bowl
  • 1x container with lid for processed or dried foods (cheese, chocolate etc.)
  • 1x glass (600ml) to treat liquids
  • 1x PL+GaNS-CO2 and 1x PL+GaNS-CuO

How to do it

  1. Find 2 plastic or glass bowls, one of which fits easily into the other; the gap between the two should not be too wide for them to be glued together with hot glue (for plastic) or silicone (for glass).
  2. Multiply each of the two PL+GaNS
    1. Pour the contents of each container into a mason jar
    2. Fill the jar with distilled water
    3. Shake the jar to mix the GaNS with all the water
    4. Let the GaNS settle to the bottom and the liquid on top is really clear as water (min. 12 hours)
    5. Use a syringe to take only the clear liquid – never the sediment!
  3. Place the inner bowl in the outer bowl and fill the space between the two with PL+GaNS-CuO, leave a small air space and glue the two bowls together
  4. Use only PL-CO2 without GaNS particles for the inner bowl.
  5. Use the different containers to process the different foods (see image below): fruits and vegetables are placed in the inner bowl (1); foods such as cheese are placed in the square container (2); liquids are placed in the glass (3). The processing time is 15 minutes.


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