Tubular Universal Health Unit

Universal Tubular Health Unit (UUST)


  1. Insert a 1/2”dia clear vinyl tube into another 1” (25mm) diameter tube; the length is 99” (2.50m, sitting version) or 88” (2.24m, standing or lying version).
  2. Use a metal plug to insert the small tube into the large one. Close with a 3/8” (9.5mm) connector at the end of the small tube. Attach the connector to the large tube with electrical tape.

    You can use a slightly heated dilator beforehand to introduce the connector more easily.

    Then fill the small tube at the other end with the PL-ZnO with a small funnel.
    Close the small tube at the other end of the connector; it can be fixed further by tie wraps. Remove the electrical tape.
    Finally you fill the large tube with PL-CO2 which you will also close with a connector.

You can use the diagram on the right to understand the sequence of the PLs of the different tubes.

The addition of a ring of PL-CuO at the top, and PL-CH3 at the bottom is optional. If you integrate it, it is absolutely essential that the ring with CuO is at least 1′ (30cm) higher than the height of the head.

UUSTs for children and small animals can also be made – these units are obviously smaller. Obviously, animals like to be in unity.[:]

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